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      Isis there any one you have thought ofchosen?

      There are bees, missI beg pardonmy lady; ever so many hives, and the garden is beautiful, and so are the lanes. And its quite out of the world; Im sure your ladyship will be delighted with it. I heard his lordship say that he had never seen a more beautiful little place.

      You dont want to go back, Esmeralda?You wooden-headed idiot, you cant stand now! said Varley. Here! And with a twist of his wrist he swung Taffy off his manwho had sat quite still, as if the whole responsibility and further conduct of the affair were in Varleys handsand led Taffy to the bar.

      He changed places with her, and she took the reins and the whip in true coachman-like fashion; and she laughed, and her eyes flashed, and her lips parted, as she drove the splendid bays along the top of the hill; and Trafford looked at her, and the sense of her beauty and her youth smote him for the first time in all its fullness.


      And do you mean to say that you wont come to see me? she demanded.As she did so, the light fell upon the wedding-ring upon her hand. She held up her hand and looked at it. Then, with tightly set lips, she drew the ring from her finger, and going to the writing-table, placed the ring in an envelope, and addressed it to The Marquis of Trafford. This she placed in the center of her dressing-table. Then she put on her hat and traveling-cloak and stood looking round the room with a strange expression on her face, as of one who is taking leave forever of all that she once held dear.


      "I wonder whether he will ever think of me when he is a man?" she said musingly.I have done so, said Trafford, quietly.


      It was on the tip of his tongue to say: You have only to say the word, and you can share in this proprietorship, but he held himself in hand. He did not want a decided refusal; and something told him he had not won her yet, and that the No would certainly be forthcoming.I think it would be better if you came.